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My book is out!

Dear scholars I have been so busy these past year so I hadn’t been able to write much on my blog. The reason is that I have been writing a book for Palgrave Macmillan and it is out!

The book is called Developing socio-emotional intelligence in higher Education scholars. It is a mix of my own personal and professional experience as well as research I have carried out and a thorough investigation of the theory behind it all.

It has been a labour of love and I hope that those interested find it useful.

Below is a link to the book and a picture of the real deal! I received them in the post yesterday and I still can’t believe it!

I feel very passionate about embedding SEI in higher Education teaching and learning and I am also on a quest to humanize higher education with an embodied relational understanding by practicing with my head, hand and heart. If you want to know more about this, I’ve written about it in the book.

Thanks for reading and let’s start a humanising revolution in higher education! The first step is to care and to want to make a positive impact.

Much love,







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