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I’m on a quest to humanise HE so that all scholars have a meaningful experience where we foster consideration, kindness, compassion, togetherness, uniqueness and many more qualities that help us thrive.

Here are some of my projects to continue this journey.

Developing socio-emotional intelligence in higher education scholars

This is my first book, published in 2018 by Palgrave. It was such a joy to have my work published and to know that it would s making a positive impact in HE.

The model in the picture is my dog Cookie.

Here is a link in case you want to check it out.

Mind the gap: exploring students’ transitions from school to university. Current practice and future possibilities

A funded project exploring the experiences of students as they arrived to university

Developing the Service Excellence Actions

As part of my current work with Susanne Clarke, the Head of service excellence at BU, we developed these actions based on my research around positive education, socio-emotional intelligence and wellbeing as well as Susanne’s research on kindness and leadership.

We are now on the process of embedding these actions in every area of our provision.

Practicing with an embodied relational understanding

As part of my doctoral work I developed a plait to illustrate how to practice with our Head (knowledge), hand (practice, behaviour) and heart (emotions and relationships) as these are areas interrelated and inseparable.

This plait has now been adapted to be part of the world we are carrying out to embed our values and deliver service excellence at BU.

our HHH philosophy made it to our lanyards.


As part of a funded project for our student services team, A small team lead by me developed ME@BU, our online tool to support commencing students in their transition from school to university. I based it on my research on transitions called: Mind the gap and also on students’ feedback.

As you can see we’ve taken on a holistic approach where all areas of the student experience are taken into account.

Each section contains information, interactive resources, blogs, vlogs, questionnaires and many other useful resources.

My project has now extended as we gained further funding and I am working on developing the tool for different demographics with personalised and targeted information for particular levels such as students returning from placement and PGR (post graduate researchers), for example.

Living your best life: Positivity for wellbeing

This is a free public event funded by ESRC during the festival of social sciences that I will be running alongside my colleagues Susanne Clarke and Dr Lois Farquharson where we will share strategies and tips to lead a more positive life.


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